Partnership in Newark, Delaware: World Renowned Tomasi Quality!

For many years our brand is a synonym of success in Brazil and all over the world. Tomasi customer, Philip A. Piraino, from Newark, Delaware shows the strength of our products in USA.

He is in restaurant’s business for seven years and owns Churrascaria Saudades – Brazilian Steakhouse.

How did you know Tomasi?

“When we were looking for BBQ Grills for our new restaurant (in 2015) and we found Tomasi on the internet and contacted them. Their prices were reasonable, considering the quality of the product. We were very excited to buy genuine Brazilian grills for our steakhouse.”

Which features of Tomasi grill do you like the most?

“Quality of construction and their customer service.”

What do you think that attracts people to your restaurant?

“Our customers love the quality of our meat, grilled to perfection.”

Do you have any tip to a person who intends to open a restaurant in Brazil or USA?

“This is a difficult question. Since the pandemic, I would say the biggest tip we could offer would be to proceed with caution when developing a business plan for a new restaurant. Take the time to explore options on how to deal with the possibility of a temporary shutdown so that you have a plan of action to accommodate changes in regulations when health issues arise, such as the recent pandemic.”

Complementary information on how to buy from Tomasi in USA:

“Buying TomasiUSA products is very simple. Anything they sell is accessible with just a few clicks on their website. In addition, they have technical support for sales and remote service within a phone call (in English and Portuguese).”

We appreciate our customer Philip A. Piraino feedback and his trust in our brand. Thanks to the quality of our equipment we are a success in more than 80 countries.

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