10 essential items you need to have in your Brazilian steakhouse!

Selling a culinary experience is not the easiest thing to do.

All help is welcome, especially when we are talking about products and accessories that will increase your production, efficiency and mostly, the flavor of the meat.

We present here the 10 essential items you MUST HAVE in your steakhouse and how Tomasi is the right source to help you!

1 – Grills, Rotisseries and Parrillas

Tomasi offers all kinds of grills, rotisseries and parrillas. This equipment will be the heart of your Brazilian steakhouse and will make all the difference to prepare the perfect meat.

When using a Tomasi grill, you will get that desired tenderness, the perfect temperature and a remarkable flavor. Bring your churrasco experience to the next level.

2 – Refrigerator for Skewers

The Refrigerator for Skewers is a great solution for all steakhouses that need to save time in the daily operation.

With special width to fit the skewer and an efficient cooling system with the air flowing all around the refrigerator, you will maintain the meat already in the skewer in the perfect temperature to put directly into the grill.

3 – Tank to Wash Skewers

Cleaning the skewers is always the worst part of any churrasco, even for a restaurant. With Tomasi Stainless Steel Tank to Wash Skewers you will make the life of your employees so much easier.

Equipped with 2 electrical coil heaters and a thermostat, all you have to do is to put the skewer in the tank with hot water and after a while finish the cleaning with a cloth. Easy, right?

4 – Salad Bar

Different from all other equipment, the salad bar or buffet is in evidence in the restaurant, and it needs to help enhance the whole room.

With Tomasi’s standard and special buffets you will have an efficient AND beautiful product to elevate the flavor of the food.

After all, people eat with their eyes, right?

5 – Cart for Beef Ribs

Tomasi Cart for Beef Ribs is ideal to serve the meat all across the restaurant. With reinforced assembling system and a countertop in granite, it is perfect to cut the ribs and serve to the customer.

6 – Skewers

To free your culinary creativity, you will need a wide range of skewers. And Tomasi has options for every cut of meat or food you want to grill.

7 – Griddles

Griddles and parrillas are always an option for a good Brazilian barbecue. With them you can roast different cuts and different vegetables.

What is your need for a griddle? Tomasi will have the solution.

8 – Knives

You will always see an authentic Gaucho with a good knife with him. To slice that juice picanha and prepare all the cuts, count on Tomasi Knives! Made of stainless steel, they are easy to sharpen and comfortable to hold.

9 – Gaucho Uniforms

When we are talking about a Brazilian steakhouse, it’s not just about the flavor. There is the music, the hospitality, the drinks, and of course, the Gauchos!

Tomasi line of Gaucho uniforms are the best in terms of materials and comfort for the daily use. From our genuine leather boots, to our 100% cotton sashes, you can get fully dressed to give your customer a true experience.

10 – Accessories

Last but not least, accessories are an important feature for a steakhouse. Multiuse tongs, serving paddles, cutting boards and other products will help you spread the amazing flavor of the Brazilian cuisine.

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