Ground Fire BBQ Line for a Churrasco de Patrão: a short history of the Gaucho BBQ!

September 20th is National Gaucho Day in Brazil.  Tomasi’s roots are in Rio Grande do Sul (a state in Southern Brazil).   Let us share a little history with you as we celebrate this important day in our region.

The love for the gaucho barbecue is passed from generation to generation and is one of the greatest traditions of Rio Grande do Sul.  The Gaucho barbecue can be traced back to the 17th century in indigenous communities.  But it was the Tropeiros who spread the Gaucho method of barbecuing meat to all of Brazil (a Tropeiro is the cowboy that rustled the cows from the Pampas to the cities for butchering).

In the Pampas (region made up of Uruguay, Argentina, and Southern Brazil), livestock has always been a treasured resource. Barbecue was a practical way to have a meal while working with cattle, as it was easy: all you needed was a sharp knife, a fire pit, a skewer (prepared with branches), a piece of meat, and salt.   The meat was chopped into pieces and served, which gave rise to the “rodízio” format of serving.

A “patrão” barbecue, as a native Gaucho would say, is at a totally different level.  It needs skewers, a grill, the perfect choice of meat, coarse salt, very sharp knives, and loved ones gathered:  all of this without losing the true essence of a Gaucho barbecue.

Speaking of fire, did you know that there is a ground fire that has been burning continuously, for over 200 years, right here in the state of Rio Grande do Sul?  This flame is a form of identity with the Gaucho and is also directly associated with the week-long celebrations of the Farroupilha Revolution.

With Tomasi, you can share this Gaucho culture with the world at your restaurant.  Do you already know the options we have for the traditional ground fire barbecue, or Fogo de Chão in Portuguese?

The Fogo de Chão line of Tomasi grills are ideal for slow roasting beef ribs or a whole pig for up to 12 hours and we have some models for smoking meats.  Our equipment is often used as a wonderful showcase when installed at the entrance of a restaurant.

Check out the Ground Fire options by Tomasi in the table:


(number of rotating skewers)

3 5 7 3 5 7 4
Base Round Round Round Round Round Round Square
Finishing Stainless steel or painted carbon steel Stainless steel or painted carbon steel Hammered copper. Stainless steel and glass doors Stainless steel and glass doors Stainless steel and glass doors Stainless steel and glass doors
Hood Sold separetely Sold separetely Sold separetely Round hood in stainless steel Round hood in stainless steel Round hood in stainless steel Stainless steel  hood with supports for meats and vegetables

There are several models to choose from and we also work with customization, so that the Tomasi beef ribs grill Ground Fire Line can be manufactured the way you want it.

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