Tomasi’s Innovative Salad Bar

June 16, 2020

As you know, buffets and salad bars are the heart of any restaurant.

Dining experience becomes complete when you bring together the visual with the taste.

From this concept, Tomasi came up with the innovative Vettro Line buffet, to enhance the food in your restaurant or steakhouse.

It works with both heated and refrigerated systems, with a ceramic black glass countertop.

This approach brings life to the restaurant, allying sophistication and convenience.

You can use all kind of pans or trays in any material you want such as stainless steel, iron, porcelain, glass, aluminum and others.

When turned on, the glass only needs 15 minutes to warm up (in the heated one) and 30 minutes to cool down (in the refrigerated one).

Also, the energy savings are huge when compared to the usual tank and hotel pan system, an incredible 50 percent!

Nothing better than eating homemade food.

Explore this feeling in your customer by serving straight from the pan!

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