Gas Grill vs Charcoal: Which one to choose for my business?

There’s nothing better than eating a perfectly grilled barbecue. Making the meat juicy, tender and cooked to perfection can be a challenge, but Tomasi has the best barbecue solutions to help you out. But which is the best way to prepare meat: on a gas or charcoal grill? Which one should you choose to put in your restaurant?

These are questions that many restaurant owners have. But to answer them, you first need to understand the differences that these two styles of preparation present, and then compare them.


Charcoal Grill
The charcoal grill is the most commonly used in Brazil. Carrying the traditional image of the gaucho barbecue, this type of grill is recognized for preparing juicy barbecue with a unique smoky touch. Many people choose to have a charcoal grill for the beauty and rustic style that it often carries, being able to transform the barbecue into a true experience.


Gas Grill
Gas grills offer a lot of practicality and speed in day-to-day life. They have infrared burners at the top of the grill, with great calorific power. In addition, they do not generate smoke and also have burner activation by sector, providing safety in handling and greater savings.


Regarding preparation, which grill delivers more quality?

To have the definitive answer to which one delivers a better result, a blind test with over 100 barbecue enthusiasts was conducted in March 2018, where the same cut of meat was prepared on both types of grills mentioned above and served to be evaluated by them, without knowing the preparation method.

The result of the test was that, for most enthusiasts, the meats had the same quality, flavor and tenderness. To make a good barbecue, the most important thing was not the grill used, but rather the selection of a good meat, cooked at the right temperature and with the techniques used by the barbecue chef.

To check the video of the report with the execution of the test, just click here.

At Tomasi, we care about your business and want you to grow every day! Therefore, regardless of which grill you decide to use in your restaurant, we have several options to offer you, as well as accessories to add even more quality to the barbecues you serve.

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